mercredi 10 novembre 2010

Help Stop Amazon From Selling Book on Pedophilia

Over the past few years of my life, I have worked very hard to raise awareness regarding the safety and welfare of children everywhere. My actions stem from my own experience as a chasing parent. Fortunately, my efforts were successful; however, along the way I have met too many parents that have not been, and, I have meet to many individuals connected to the horrors evolving around human trafficking.

One of the things that I have known all along, and what most sane individuals realize too is that the promotion of pedophilia and adult-child physical love is beyond sick.

Today, word reached me that Amazon is selling a book that promotes pedophilia. That is right: AMAZON!!!!!!

In defiance of what Amazon is doing, a boycott has sprung to life. The numbers are growing furiously fast.

I ask that you say 'NO' to Amazon until they remove this book I will not name, but will only provide its KINDLE ASIN Number so not to promote it here, either. It is ASIN B0049U4CF6

I also ask that you write to Jeff Bezos, a father and CEO of Amazon, and let him know that First Amendment or No First Amendment, the laws of good parenting and good citizenship override everything else. And beside, Amazon has the right to remove or not sell anything they find inappropriate.

I am Peter Thomas Senese, a child abduction prevention advocate and the author of multiple books including 'Chasing The Cyclone'.