mercredi 17 octobre 2012

I CARE Foundation Lawyer Joel Walter: Peter Thomas Senese's Donations To Help Protect Children Are Substantial


     Published 2:30 p.m.     
     October 17th, 2012                     
     Los Angeles, CA    

In an ongoing effort to help protect children from international parental child abduction, best-selling author and child advocate Peter Thomas Senese, the author of several internationally heralded novels including 'Chasing The Cyclone', 'The Den of the Assassin', and 'Cloning Christ' has donated 100% of his e-book royalties to the International Child Abduction Research and Enlightenment Foundation ( known as the I CARE Foundation), a New York based not-for-profit organization he is the founding director of that was created to help stop international child abduction.  In addition, to his donation stemming from his writing, Peter Senese has continued to provide additional financial support to the foundation in an effort to support its various activities.

 New York City based attorney Joel Walter, a board member of the I CARE Foundation who has been practicing complex family law for nearly 40 years commented about Mr. Senese ongoing support to help protect children of abduction when he said, "Mr. Senese's continual financial support and dedication to children through his generous financial support of the I CARE Foundation has had a great influence on so many lives. It is with generous support such as what Peter has previously provided, what he continues to provide, and his honorable pledge for future support that the foundation, in part, has been able to create more than a few miracles. For example, as some of you may not be aware of, legally reuniting with a child wrongfully detained in Africa, and safely creating a path to bring that child or children back home to the United States is a very difficult task. One that has not happened too often in the grave world of international child abduction. In fact, It is a rarity.  There are numerous cases like this from all around the world.  The majority of which are not publicly mentioned due to the nature and severity of the situation . . . but they exist, and I know this first-hand because of my role with the foundation. In fact, I have said often that any person out there trying to help children is doing God's work.  And I strongly and undeniably say that about my wonderful friend Peter Thomas Senese. He asks for nothing, gives so much of his time, his money, his spirit, and his knowledge in hope of protecting others who can't defend themselves.  In the process, he never speaks poorly about anyone, but instead is the eternal optimist. Again - he's doing God's work. Along the way, Peter Thomas Senese's leadership and financial support of the I CARE Foundation has been extremely generous. His gifting comes from not only the direct donation of sales from his novels, but also directly from his own resources. Some  may not know this, but I will never forget when Peter was forced into the storms of abduction - I was there from the beginning and was the first person he turned to when we filed his own Hague Convention application- he said he would do his best to make a difference in this fight to help children.  It was a fight I quickly joined him on. And so, our work continues years later in great part initially because Peter was willing to step up to make a difference.  Something he continues to do."
Peter Thomas Senese's geopolitical novels include CHASING THE CYCLONE, THE DEN OF THE ASSASSIN, and CLONING CHRIST. All three titles are available in E-book. Chasing The Cyclone will be released in hardcover this Christman, while both CLONING CHRIST and THE DEN OF THE ASSASSIN are presently available in hardcover.
"It has been extremely pleasing to know that my writing has served a higher purpose: to help protect children.  Fortunately, I have had the means to make a difference in this fight. Additionally, it has been incredible to see, as an author, the incredible impact of Chasing The Cyclone . . . so much started from the idea of a book.  That seed has grown into the I CARE Foundation, which I am thrilled to be a part of. My support of the foundation will continue to the best of my ability," added Senese.
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