lundi 27 mai 2013

Summer Vacations and Child Custody Disputes: International Child Abduction

Peter Thomas Senese - Summer is the time of year when thousands of international abduction schemes will be launched. In many of these plots, the abductor will attempt to have the targeted parent arrested as part of their conspired plan. 

Summer school break represents the time of year when the vast majority of children are internationally abducted by one of their parents. Generally, these abductions occur in marriages or partnerships that have visibly been strained; however, not all kidnapping schemes have high visibility marks that a plot is being planned or underway.  In fact, the reality is the kidnapper does not want the other parent to have any clue or idea about what they're scheming.

I urge you to read Summer Vacations and International Parental Child Abduction as this article will explain in detail various scenarious on how a plot may be directed toward an unsuspecting parent.

In addition, I have provided a second article that specifically addresses how dual citizenship and a scondary passport issued from the expeced taking parent's country of origin may be used to wrongfully remove a child.  Pleae Read Summer International Child Abduction. Dual Citizenship and Two Passports. 

One of the most effective tools American citizens can use to stop child abduction is the Prevent Departrure Program. Certain criteria apply, so please read the article about the Prevent Departure Program and Stopping International Parental Child Abduction. 

Remember, the majority of international paental child abduciton cases occur when their is a brekdown in a multinational marriage or partnership.  When this occurs, often the individual living abroad - may want to return to their country of origin, and do so with their child or children. Knowing that the other parent is not likely to allow them to relocate with the child of the marriage or partnership, that person abducts. Along the way, they will often make false accusations agianst the other parent in order to have a court sanction their act of kidnapping.

In order to learn more aobut abduction, please visit the official website of Chasing The Cyclone and The I CARE Foundation.