mardi 8 janvier 2013

Peter Thomas Senese: The Chasing Parent Creed

In the world of international parental child abduction, a targeted parent who has their child kidnapped has often been referred to as a 'Left-Behind' parent.  From the onset I have thought that term does not accurately represent a parent who has had a child abducted because it gives off the notion that the targeted parent is idle and 'left behind'. 
In reality, parents who have their children abducted are far from idle.  The race into a forboding storm.
Years ago, I had written this mantra while I was Chasing The Cyclone. The words written are shared by every targeted parent I have met.
I Am A Chasing Parent
I am a 'Chasing Parent' who was left behind in the wake of my child's criminal international abduction.
It is because of the love that I hold for my child, I am pro-active and act immediately using whatever applicable laws are available to me in order to protect my child.
I will not rest until I do everything within my means to secure my child's safety and bring my child home.

I am a mother. I am a father. I am a sister. I am a brother. And I am someone's child, too. But most of all, I am a devoted parent to my child, who looks to me for love, comfort, guidance, and support. I am part of my child's identity and foundation.

As a 'Chasing Parent', I move into the unknown storms that surround my child's abduction.
I know there will be many challenges that lie ahead of me. It does not matter. Regardless of the severity of the destructive forces that I will face, I will endure all that comes in my path in the name of the unconditional love I have for my child.

I support The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and urge all nations, regardless of whether they are signatories to the international treaty or not, to follow and enforce expeditiously the rules of law established by the international community.

I do not accept being known as a 'Left Behind Parent'. I will not sit still and allow the criminal act perpetrated against my innocent child to define who I am and what I do.
No, I am not 'left behind' because I act with all due urgency in any jurisdiction wherever my child may be. I am in fact a 'Chasing Parent' filled with hope that through my actions, I will reunite with my innocent child who has been victimized by the horrible, abusive act of parental abduction.
I know that the boundless love I have for my child will guide me as I chase into the storms.
One day, I will safely bring my child home.