vendredi 30 novembre 2012

Peter Thomas Senese - Giving Thanks For All The Children The I CARE Foundation Has Assisted

I am so incredibly thankful for the many blessings, privileges, and responsibilities I have in my life.  But most of all, I am most fortunate that I have the opportunity to share many great things with some truly remarkable friends.  
If it is true that your life is rich because of the purpose that drives you - and I do believe this to be true - I am truly wealthy where it matters most.
Okay, a hectic but delightful Thanksgiving Day has come and gone - there was a wonderful Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a lot of waving, and a silly lady who I continue to enjoy so much with being the silly lady that she is.  And there was lots of family, too many courses of food - I did make room for several of my mother's spectacular riceballs - and just enough time to get ready for  'Black Thursday Night' and' Black Friday', which, after giving it two seconds of thought, never happened.  Instead, I decided a small second helping of pumpkin pie sure would beat joining the cattle-call of eager shoppers waiting in line for a bargain.
So I did what I think any civil person should do: I embraced 'Cyber Monday' with great enthusiasm!  For a few hours, and while listening to Peter Gabriel's incredible music, including 'Don't Give Up' . . . and so, I shopped!  And I must admit, I really enjoyed myself!
Despite all the activity, and there was a lot going on, I never thought sight of what I was thankful for.  As I said, joining my 'top of the list', and inclusionary of my family's safety, happiness, and health was the great blessing of friendship I have been fortuante to share and embrace.
My work in the world of storytelling has allowed me to see the world over and over again.  I am thankful that these possibilities have allowed me to evolve into the thoughtful person I continue to aspire to be.
I am also so thankful that by embracing my voice as a storyteller, which requires courage and belief in yourself, I have been able to impact others in a positive way in my capacity as the Founding Director of the I CARE Foundation.  God knows I have a lot to say about protecting children from international child abduction.
And I have been blessed to know gentleness despite much time I spend in the darkness fighting against kidnapping of children.  In hindsight, I think knowing what it is like to be a parent Chasing The Cyclone of abduction has increased my capacity to love deeper, richer, and compasionately. 
 I truly am thankful for all I have in my life.  I see what I do have, not what I do not.  I embrace those in my life, while respectfully remembering those who have passed in a way that reminds me that they have never left - but instead -that I need to rethink how I see and feel them.  I love being a storyteller - which I view as a wonderful adventure as oppossed to work.  I actually love my professional work - which is quite different than the adventures I have as a writer, but none-the-less equally fulfilling, and I embrace with vigor and purpose my volunteer activism fighting against abduction as a board member of the I CARE Foundation, assisting children who are learning to fight challenging illnesses, and of course, celebrating literacy and our imaginations.  And through the many challenges I have had in my own life, I am so thankful that through them, I have learned to see the magic that exists around me each and every day.  It may have taken some time, but I am so thankful that I have learned how to embrace wonderment.  And God knows just how thankful I am to have help make a difference in either bringing home a large number of kidnapped children or protecting them from abduction.  Yes - Chasing The Cyclone has helped build many miracles.
Most of all, I am thankful that there is so much love around me and in my life.
Perhaps it is not a coincidence that the I CARE Foundation logo is a heart with little hands on it . . . and that is more than pretty cool.
So even though I am a little late in sharing my perspective about Thanksgiving and all that I am deeply appreciative of and for, here I am letting my family, friends, fellow activists, and my readers from all over the world know you have all given me so much to be thankful for. And if I have sent this message specifically to you - it comes from the heart - Thank You for being a part of an incredible year. I am truly thankful you are in my life.
In the spirit of friendship -