mercredi 21 décembre 2011

ABP World Group, A Global Security and Investigations Firm, Expands International Child Abduction Reunification Services

ABP World Group, A Global Security and Investigations Firm, Expands International Child Abduction Reunification Services

In response to the global wide-spread growth of international parental child abduction, world renown child abduction recovery services security firm ABP World Group is expanding its global recovery operations under its Managing Director Mr. Martin Waage.

According to various published reports, including findings published in The World Turned Upside Down, there is a global plague of international child abduction that effects parents everywhere. However, tragically only a limited number of abducted children are successfully reunited with their left behind parents due to a complex, unfair, unjust, biased, and dysfunctional legal process that essentially makes a child's recovery or reunification a near-impossibility. For many parents, particularly those whose children are stolen to countries that are not a member of the Hague Convention On The Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, or taken to a country that is known as a non-compliant member of the Hague Convention, recovery of a child, as reported in the United States Department of State's 'Hague Compliance Report To Congress' issued in 2010 and 20100 clearly demonstrate that it is statistically extraordinarily difficult to have a child recovered from these countries. In addition, children abducted to nations that are considered complying countries is limited.

Martin Waage commented, "The number of international parental child abductions occurring is increasing at unprecedented levels. This is due in part because of the increase in cross-cultural relationships and marriages; however, there is also another issue at hand, and is is something that is not spoken about often. Abduction levels are increasing because an abducting parent knows that the likelihood of them being forced to return the illegally taken child is remote at best. In fact, ABP World Group conducted an analysis that carefully reviewed the total number of reported and estimated unreported cases of abduction occurring from the West, including the United States. Our determination estimates that approximately 5% of the total number of children abducted overseas are ever returned. 5% is completely unacceptable by any means. Unfortunately, the vast majority of parents seeking to reunite with their criminally internationally kidnapped children seek the civil remedy available to them under the Hague Convention, which clearly does not work. Nor does seeking criminal sanctions because law enforcement either is often reluctant to enforce the criminal laws that address this type of crime against an innocent child, or even if they do, the country the child is stolen to or illegally detained in may not have any extradition agreement with the country possessing original jurisdiction of the child."

According to Mr. Waage, ABP World Group has an extraordinary success rate of safely bringing an abducted child home. "ABP World Group has been assisting victimized parents of international child abduction for a long time. We have been directly involved with over 200 safe international child recovery and reunifications, which is a truly remarkable number. ABP's understanding of international law as well as local law where a child is abducted to, combined with our strong working relationships with local and international law enforcement, and our investigative ability to find a child has allowed us to become a global security leader that focusses on safely bringing abducted children home to their loving parents."

ABP World Group operates on all contents and has field operatives in many countries located in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. Our leadership team is made of multilingual operatives that have an extensive successful history of assisting parents of abduction.

"If the international parental child abduction rate continues to grow the way it is anticipated to in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, the displacement of innocent children criminally abducted who will never see their targeted, left behind parent will fill many arenas. It is a heartbreaking truth due in great part due to the traditional avenues many parents initially undertake. ABP World Group works very closely with local and international law enforcement, which is why our recovery rates are incredibly high regardless of where a child is stolen to. In response to the growing rate of global abduction, and more parents learning of ABP's capabilities and capacity to assist them, I am pleased to share that our global operations has expanded to meet the needs of our clients. In addition, I have seen time and time again hundreds of outraged parents come to us after their failure to navigate the expensive and time consuming road through the court system with no success, only to realize that ABP offers the most effective, cost-saving, legal and safe way to recover their abducted child. That is why various missing children organizations work with ABP World Group. After all, many of our operatives are loving mothers and fathers, too."

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