mardi 23 octobre 2012

A Highly Respect Police Officer Fights To Reunite With Internationally Abducted Child

A highly respected New York active duty police officer and former New York City firefighter is desperately fighting to reunite and safely bring home his internationally abducted child.

Tragically, CM had his young daughter abducted to Germany three years ago.  Until now, he has been quite about his and his child's fate as he attempted to navigate the legal channels available to him in order to safely bring her home . . . only to find that the remedies available to him were no remedy out all.

The ordeal CM has had to sustain, including having his daughter disappear from his life for nearly three years while mounting legal bills and expenses nearing $200,000.00 thus far in trying to reunite with his child is incredulous, yet indicative of what many chasing parents face.

But there is one big difference:  CM is a police officer living in New York City. And it means nothing.

Recently, I accompanied CM to Washington, DC and visited with senior policymakers in hope to gain some proper assistance for CM. We're hopeful something will break . .
I invite you to read about CM and his struggle to protect his at-risk child kidnapped overseas.  CM is one of the good guys . . . he is a man every parent would hope their child turned out to be like.
If you are a reporter interested in learning more about CM, please feel free to contact me at Please visit the official website of Peter Thomas Senese's Chasing The Cyclone for more information on international parental child abduciton.

According to the highly respected I CARE Foundation, there could be as many as 100,000 and 125,000 American children and as many as 20,000 Canadian children internationally kidnapped over the next 10 years.

That means that each person is 3 degrees from separation from knowing a parent who has had a child internationally kidnapped.