lundi 30 mars 2015

Mandarin International Travel Form For Minors

The I CARE Foundation’s International Travel Child Consent Form Available In Mandarin

The I CARE Foundation’s International Travel Child Consent Form created to prevent international parental child abduction associated with a child being wrongfully detained by one parent in a foreign country is now available in Mandarin. The travel form addresses key legal issues revolving around the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention and provides courts worldwide charged with overseeing potential international parental child abduction cases associated with countries that speak Mandarin with a unique, globally well-established court implemented abduction prevention tool that is widely supported by the international legal, diplomatic, and judicial communities familiar with international parental child abduction.
An extensive I CARE Foundation study conducted during the summer of 2014 surveyed hundreds of attorneys and judges located around the world deeply familiar with international parental child abduction. The study’s findings showed that over 70% of all international parental kidnappings amongst the ninety-four 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention member signatory nations occur when one parent wrongfully detains a child abroad without the child’s other parent’s consent or a court order, violating the left-behind parent’s right of custody and the child’s right to the targeted parent. The survey also concluded the overwhelming majority of 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention cases associated with wrongful retention, the abducting parent often uses abduction defenses available to them under Article 12 and Article 13 of the Hague Convention in hope to have the court located in the country the child has been wrongfully detained in sanction their act of not returning the child to their country of original jurisdiction.
Extensive high remarks for the I CARE Foundation’s International Travel Child Consent Form as a groundbreaking, comprehensive, and significant global international parental child abduction prevention tool have been voiced by the leadership within legal communities familiar with international parental child abduction during  legal forums around the world including compelling commentary from senior officers of the Hague Permanent Bureau during but not limited to international legal symposiums on child abduction held during the LEPCA Conference in the Hague, the IAML Conference in New York, and the Sapporo Bar Association’s Hague Symposium in Sapporo. In addition a large and growing number of attorney Bar Associations in the United States and abroad have published positive and meaningful feedback concerning the I CARE Foundation’s travel consent form with clear intent to educate their legal constituents about the landmark child abduction prevention tool. Perhaps most meaningful is the reality that many judges around the world have praised the I CARE Foundation’s travel consent form, have utilized the document in their courtrooms, and continue to implement the form in courtrooms around the world during child custody and child travel legal proceedings.
Demonstrated by the large number of international child travel cases that have successfully occurred utilizing the I CARE Foundation’s travel form, we continue to witness the important role a Hague-oriented travel consent form has in the global theater of international child abduction prevention. We remain highly optimistic that the global international parental child abduction rate will substantially decline due to use of Hague-oriented travel consent forms. Our substantial research indicates that over 70% of all international child kidnappings occur when a child is wrongfully detained abroad – the exact parental kidnapping scenario our travel form has successfully protected against.
The creation and use of our travel consent form is rather simple: children have a right to know magic and to live in a world free of concern from parental child abduction. And targeted parents of abduction have a right to have society protect their children from kidnapping. We believe in these rights. Our work and dedication continues.

提供中文版的I CARE Foundation《兒童國際旅行同意表格》

I CARE Foundation的《兒童國際旅行同意表格》目前提供中文版,該表格的制定目的是為了防止出現與兒童被其父母中的一方不正當留在外國相關的國際父母誘拐孩子案件。該旅行表格專注于圍繞《1980年海牙兒童誘拐公約》的幾個重要法律問題,并向世界各地負責對與講中文的國家相關的潛在國際性父母誘拐孩子案進行監督的法院提供一種由法院實施,并在全球被認可的、獨一無二的誘拐預防工具。該工具受到國際法律、外交,以及熟悉國際父母誘拐孩子的司法社團的支持。
I CARE Foundation2014年夏季實施的一項廣泛研究對全球數千名深諳國際間父母誘拐孩子問題的律師和法官進行了調查。研究結果表明,在《1980年海牙兒童誘拐公約》的84名成員簽約國中發生的誘拐案中,有70%是父母一方在未經另一方同意或者未獲得法院令的情況下不正當將孩子留在國外的情況,違反了另一方父母的監護權以及孩子對目標父母的權利。本次調查還得出結論,在《1980年海牙兒童誘拐公約》與不正當扣留相關的案件中,絕大多數情況下,誘拐方家長常常會依據海牙公約中的條款1213進行誘拐抗辯,寄希望于在孩子被不正當扣留的國家的法院批准他們不將孩子送還初審管轄權國的行為。
I CARE Foundation的旅行表格經過許多使用它成功完成兒童國際旅行的案例的驗證,我們將繼續見證以海牙為導向的旅行同意表格在防止國際間兒童誘拐方面的國際性大舞臺上起到的重要作用。我們仍然非常樂觀地認為,由於使用以海牙為導向的旅行同意表格,全球國際間父母誘拐兒童率將大大減少。我們的實證研究表明,在所有國際間兒童綁架案中,有70%以上是在孩子被不正當留在國外時發生的 – 這正是我們的旅行表格已成功防止出現的父母綁架情況。